SWINGING 60S may 2017

Programme Schedule


                      Swinging Radio 60s


08.00am - Jonathan C

10.00am - Peter Crew - Woodstock Remember

12.00pm - Big Col - London American Jukebox

13.00pm - Theo Bakker's Marvellous 60s

15.00pm - Les Peckham's Melodic 60s

16.00pm - David Godfray

18.00pm - Dave Gamblen

19.00pm - Richard Graham

20.00pm - 60s Hit Mix

21.00pm - Jonathan C (Repeat Of 8am)

23.00pm - Peter Crew - (Repeat of 10.00am)

01.00am - Peter Clarke

02.00am - Theo Bakker (Repeat Of 1pm)

04.00am - Richard Graham (Repeat Of 7pm)

05.00am - Big Col (Repeat Of Midday)

06.00am - Les Peckham

Programme Schedule