SWINGING 60S Sept 2018

Programme Schedule



08.00am - Chris Rogers

09.00am - 60s Hit Mix

10.00am - Jonathan C

12.00am - 'Dynamite' Moon - Dynamite 60s

13.00pm - Albie's Audio Adventure

15.00pm - Keith's Time Machine

16.00pm - 60s Mix

17.00pm - Ray Andrews

19.00pm - Dave Gamblen

20.00pm - Chris Rogers (Repeat Of 8am)

21.00pm - Jonathan C

23.00pm - Ready Steady Go

00.00am - 'Dynamite' Moon (Repeat Of 12pm)

01.00am - 60s Hit Mix

02.00am - Albie (Repeat Of 1pm)

04.00am - 60s Mix

05.00am - Pete Crews Non Stop 60s

06.00am - Ready Steady Go (Repeat Of 6pm)

Programme Schedule