SWINGING 60S may 2017

Programme Schedule



09.00am Theo Bakker  

11.00am 60s Mix

12.00pm Theo Bakker

14.00pm 60s Mix

15.00pm Man Of Mystery

16.00pm Russ Sainty Story (1)

18.00pm Man Of Mystery

19.00pm Russ Sainty Story (2)

21.00pm Richard Graham

22.00pm Pete Cross

23.00pm Richard Graham

00.00am Pete Cross

01.00am Ray Andrews  

03.00am Peter Clarke  

04.00am Pete Crew - Hollies

05.00am Peter Clarke

06.00am Pete Crew - Monkees

07.00am 60s Mix

06.00am Pete Cross  

07.00am Richard Graham

Programme Schedule